Code Chaturbate Bios

Designing Chaturbate Bios

If you want to dive into creative process of coding and developing custom designs/bios you'll need some tools to help you.

Accepted HTML tags

If you are (or not) familiar with CB platform you already know or find out right now, that Chaturbate has implemented some HTML tag restrictions.

HTML tags accepted by Chaturbate:

<a> <a href="...">link</a> Defines a hyperlink View
<p> <p>...</p> Defines a paragraph HTML element View
<i> <i>...</i> HTML tag used to render the text italic View
<strong> <strong>...</strong> HTML tag used to render the text in bold style — similar to b HTML tag View
<u> <u>...</u> HTML tag is used to underline a defined text element View
<ul> <ol> <li> <ul> <li>some content here</li> </ul> HTML tags used to render list styles and list types View
<h1>... <h3> <h1> Heading Tag </h1> HTML tags, defines heading text elements View
<img> <img src="..."/> HTML tag used to define and render image element View
<font> <font color="red">...</font> HTML tag used to define and render style for text elements View
<br> <br> HTML element – basically it starts a new line braking a paragraph, a text element or can add a space between other elements like graphics (images) View
<span> <span>...</span> HTML element – is used to group inline-elements in a document View

Code Snippets

This are basic HTML tags supported and accepted by Chaturbate
To each of the elements CSS inline style can be added.

The above markup is using a paragraph HTML tag with in-line CSS defined by style="..."

The element is defined by its style attributes and will be rendered like an individual element wrapping content.

Width of the element is 90 percent and not a fixed value (700px or 870px)

Height auto.

Background color. When coding the markup for a template it is good to use the background attributes as it should and not the minified version (suggestion for Editor's compatibility). Above example is using background-color with HEX color value.

Editor's compatibility markup
background-color: #f1f1f1 – suggested
background-image: url(image-path)  – suggested
background:#f1f1f1  – not
background: url(image-path)  – not

Optional. Other style attributes and values can be used/added to visually enhance the element or its content.

border, font-size, color, font-variant, text-shadow, border-radius, box-shadow, background-image

Editing Tips

Our suggestions for fast editing and viable markup rendering

1. For text-based elements don't use fancy fonts. Chaturbate does not allow the embade of custom fonts so even if you have a nice font installed on your device (laptop or pc) other users might not have the same font installed on their laptop or pc and the fallback will render system fonts.
2. Use of rel="_blank". If you look at the source markup of some custom bio designs on Chaturbate you might notice the use of this rel="_blank" added without usefulness or logic to random HTML tags like br for example. Please note, do not copy this particular editing method because "_blank" is related with hyperlinks (links) and not all those randoms you might see. Avoid this as much as possible its a dumb edit.
3. Use of floating side icons. We strongly recommend medium size icons 35x35px which don't overlap any of Chaturbate's core functionality.
4. For better position of the layout design use margin style markup margin: 120px auto 50px -146px
5. Use of fluid width size. As much as possible we recommend the use of percent values instead of fixed widths expressed in pixel values
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